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Sol y Luna

Sol Y Luna,
the Sun and the Moon,
A story that we hear again and again in the Americas in a multitude of versions. Once you begin to hear this very old story you seem to hear it everywhere...

Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna signing 2023 - WA - first 5.jpg
A portfolio of prints by Sam Kerson
Printed by Katah at her Atelier du Livre 
in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

All linoleum block prints

Paper size : 38 X 56 cm

( 15 X 22 inches)

Images: 22 X 30 cm

( 9 X 12 inches)

Paper:  Somerset Satin, 250 gsm

Acquired by: 

  • UQAM, Université du Québec à Montréal

  • The University of Arizona special collections

  • The University of New Mexico, Special Collections

  • The British Library, London, UK

  • The University of Vermont, special collections

  • The University of Alberta, Edmonton - Bruce Peel Special Collections 

presented in a custom made portfolio 

$ 1700 USD

Scroll down to view all the prints

production year:  2017

download the Artists' Statemente here:

Sol y Luna has been exhibited at: 

  • Casa Gietiqui, Tehuantapec, Oaxaca, Mexico  (2023)

Prints included in the Sol y Luna Portfolio

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