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An artist book by Sam Kerson

Printed by Katah

Lemminkainen in Tuonela

01- lemminkainen - book ope to raven.jpg
hand pulled original
copperplate engravings by
 Sam Kerson
printed by Katah


  $3000 USD

acquisitions:  contact us:

Their are 22 different intaglio etchings included in the book, (19 images, plus a title page and 2 colofons). 

All the images are engraved on  copper plates.

The cover size is 58 X 41 cm (23 X 16 inches)

the page size : 55 X 40 cm (22 X 15 inches)

Some images are black, others are sanguine

Printed on Somerset Satin paper

This is a limited edition of 20 books

Printed  and bound by Katah at the Dragon Dance Printmaking studios in Trois-Rivières, Québec


- The Fisher library in Toronto
- University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe special collections
- U of Minnesota, Special Collections
- The LIbrary of Congress
- The Bruce Peel special collections at the University of Alberta in Edmonton

Lemminkainen in Tuonela
as been collected by:

11-Lemminkainen book - signatures title page - V_edited.jpg

some images from the book:  Lemminkainen in Tuonela

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