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cirque 2 main acts.jpg

PORTFOLIO of prints by Sam Kerson

Printed by Katah

The Cirque is represented in twelve main acts. Most of these acts are known, in the erotic imagery of Europe and Asia.  The Artist as impresario has re-combined famous acts from the past with some created in his own laboratory with a bit of, fantastique physiques.  Swinging, exploding, balancing, leaping, in one precarious circus environment after another, the humans reveal their endless desire to achieve union with one another.
The artist beckons us to follow him back stage to encounter the musicians, prestidigitators, mountebanks, comedians, jongleur, contortionists and the intimate life in the companies’ private sphere.

Le Cirque Erotique

cannon and high wire.jpg
hand pulled original
linoleum block prints engraved
 Sam Kerson
printed by Katah


For the 12 main acts,  

image size is 9 X 12 inches

on 15 X 22 size

Somerset satin, acid free

Then, there are 5 back stage

intimate scenes
and 6 musicians.  
The image size for these are 6 X 8 inches
on 11 X 15 inch size paper.  

It is a limited edition of 30.  

All are original linoleum block prints 
engraved by Sam Kerson


and printed by Katah

The prints are in a portfolio, and are not bound, they can therefore be framed and exhibited

The images are all black and white

This is a limited edition of 30


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Images from the series: 
Le Cirque Erotique

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