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Robert M Fisher,
a Graphic Biography

fisher book - opening.jpg
An artist book by Sam Kerson
Printed by Katah at her Atelier du Livre 
in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

ISBN:  978-0-9783871-4-3

37 linoleum block prints by Sam Kerson
Imaage size: 

most of them are 9 X 12 inches 

Printed and Bound by Katah

at her Atelier du Livre. 

An edition of 30

production year:  2008 to 2013

Acquired by:

  • The Baily/Howe Library - University of Vermont

  • The Library of Congress, Washington

  • University of Calgary, Special Collections

  • The Fisher Library, U of Toronto

Robert Fisher, a Graphic Biography

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