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The Underground Railroad,
Vermont and the Fugitive Slave

Digital prints of the entombed Mural

In 1993, Sam Kerson painted a 48 foot mural depicting the enslavement,

insurrection and liberation of slaves in the United States.  

The mural is composed of 2 panels, 8 feet high by 12 feet long.  
The mural is located in Chase Hall of the Vermont Law School. 

In October 2021, Chief Judge Geoffrey W. Crawford of the United States district court rules that the Vermont Law School can cover the 48 foot mural,

The Underground Railroad, Vermont and the Fugitive Slave,

by building a permanent wall enclosing the mural to keep it from view.  

Excellent high resolution photographs of the murals were taken before the entombment and are available for collecting and for exhibit. 

High quality digital reproductions are available on different formats, size and paper , from 3 X 4 feet to FULL size of the mural. 

Price for one image, printed on acid free paper

and signed by the artist

starts at 1000 USD

Contact us for details and to make arrangements

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