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Katah holding Betrayed closed

"The medium of linocut renders forms in harsh
contrasts, and in Kerson and Katah’s prints

that sharp focus becomes a metaphor
for the dualities of rich and poor, peace

and war, justice and injustice portrayed in
the series. Borders and the troubles t

hey spawn become a recurring theme

in the show. So do militarism, corruption,

and economic terrorism."

Betrayed, Double Crossed,
Lied to and Deceived


Katah opening Betrayed -Betty - edited.jpg
An artist book by Sam Kerson
Printed by Katah at her Atelier du Livre 
in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

All linoleum block prints

Engravings of 25 incidents that occurred during 2010

  • Title page

  • Front colophon with the ISBN number

  • Index

  • 20 large graphic images (12 X 16 inches)

  • 5 smaller ones (9" X 12")

  • Back colophon with the number of the book and signature of the artist

The size of the book: 

22 ¼ by 22 ¼. 

bound by Katah. 

Printed on Somerset satin 250g paper

ISBN: 978-0-9783871-3-6

Acquired by: 

  • The Library of Congress in Washington

  • Bailey/Howe Library at The University of Vermont

  • The Chapin Library at Williams College, Massachusetts

This is a limited edition of 30.

The book is bound using Chicago screw posts so that each sheet can be detached and exhibited.


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$3,700 USD

review by Marc Awodey here:
And you can download the Artist Statement here:

GALLERY OF PRINTS from the book
Betrayed, Double crossed, Lied to and Deceived

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