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A portfolio

32 original linoleum block prints

by Sam Kerson

Printed by Katah

2023 2nd Edition


GAZA -02-WEB 2023-2.jpg
PORTFOLIO >  hand pulled original LINOLEUM BLOCK PRINTS by
 Sam Kerson
printed by Katah
at her Atelier du Livre,
in Trois-Rivières, Québec

 There are 32 prints in the series, including title page and colophon

Hand pulled by and Katah

at her Atelier du Livre


printed on Hahnemule paper, 200 g ;  


Paper size : 51 X 33 cm (20 X 13 inches )

Image size :  23 X 30 cm (9 X 12 inches)


The images are presented in a custom-made portfolio

The first edition of this portfolio, 

published in 2009,

is in the collection of

  • Bibliothèque et Archives du Canada,

  • University of Vermont,  Special Collections

  • University of Pennsylvania, Special Collections

  • Center for the Study of Political Graphics, CSPG, Los Angels


2023 edition Portfolio:  contact us

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  $4900 USD

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